ZOEVA Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol.2

What’s something a girl can never have too much of? Makeup brushes! Well in my case, I barely had any! I realised I had no decent eye brushes- apart from the odd blending and tapered brush here and there , my collection was really limited. Back in December, I posted my thoughts on the Zovea Rose Golden Luxury Set (review here) and with that, I also purchased the Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Volume 2.

Awaiting in anticipation for the parcel to arrive, it came just three days later directly from Zoeva in a cute white box with the slogan “Colour . Love . Makeup” printed on the sides. The box was filled with a load of air bags to keep all the contents in tact and the brushes were inside the makeup case that were packed in a plastic box. To see a full details of shipping, see the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury set review.


142 Concealer buffer

221 Luxe soft crease

227 Luxe soft definer

228 Crease brush

230 Luxe pencil

231 Luxe petit crease

232 Luxe classic shader

235 Contour shader

238 Luxe precise shader

310 Spot liner

322 Brow line

325 Luxe brow light

Brush case/pouch

Power Nude  X  Rose Golden

If there’s one thing Zoeva should be praised for, it’s attention to detail. I feel that a lot of brands have potential to create a somewhat luxury feel to their brushes but just don’t. These brushes are stunning to look at and Zoeva have really kept the theme consistent from brush to packaging.

I am in love with the rose gold detailing on the pouch. Rather than just printing the name on on the case, the metal seriously stands out and takes it up a level. I’ve used this case over and over and it’s shown to have excellent quality as the letters haven’t loosened or lost colour.

The Zoeva logo is engraved into every brush, along with ‘Rose Golden‘ printed beautifully at the end of one side and ‘ZOEVA‘ printed on the opposite.


Luxe Brow Light

All four of the below brushes are made with natural goat hair with the 238 Luxe Precise Shader being a mix of both synthetic and natural hair.

The 325 Luxe Brow Light (top)  is definitely one of my favourite brushes which has been created to apply eyeshadow on the brow bone. The bristles are densely packed together which allows a good amount of product to be picked up. Apart from being excellent for the brow bone, I love this brush to pat eyeshadow onto the lid.


Luxe Crease

I like to use the 228  Luxe Crease (top left) to apply highlighter as it’s the perfect size when you want to highlight in smaller concentrated areas like the nose, brow bone and tear duct area and cupids bow. Unlike the other crease brushes, this isn’t tapered which gives the brush that little extra fluffiness; giving the appearance of a more natural and softened illuminated look.


Brow Line

The 322 Brow Line (below)  is my holy grail as it’s perfect to fill in brows. Unlike the 317 Wing Linger angled brush that comes with the Golden Luxury set (review here), the bristles on this are shorter and thicker, which provides stiffness to the brush -creating the perfect brush for control. The brush is a lot thicker than the other one so probably better for those with fuller brows.I like it because it’s very easy to use so quick. If you wanted a brush to fill in the brows, I would definitely opt for this. If you needed a brush to ‘create’ a brow for those of you with sparse brows, I would go for the 317.


This is also difficult to wing your eyeliner with as the bristles aren’t long enough and as already said is too stiff. The other brush gives you more freedom and is easier when connecting the tip of the wing to achieve that real flicked effect.

The Worlds Tiniest Brush: Spot Liner

When I first looked at this, I thought it would be absolutely useless due to its teeny tiny size. But, after using it to apply gel liner, I really love it. It’s small enough to give a precise and defined line / flick and perfect for those of you who are afraid of getting ‘panda eye’ as it allows you to build up. As great as it is, I find when using this, I dip into the liner a lot more often than I would with a regular angled or eyeliner brush such as the MAC 209.


Rose Golden

After about a year of being able to use these, every single brush is as good as new! I haven’t been shy with these brushes when it comes to using them on my lids, washing them and having them squashed with a ton of other junk when I carry my makeup on – the – go and being shoved in a suitcase for holidays. The case it comes with comfortably carries all 12 brushes with room for an extra mascara or two.


This kit has exceptional quality as hairs have not shed from one brush or lost their shape. When using these, they all hold to shadows and pigments and are super easy to use, great for anyone who wants a starter kit and I have found use for every single brush.Picture8

When it comes to cleaning, I do a spot clean after I have used each brush and then a deep clean when I have used these on a night out usually due to using darker or brighter colours. The brushes wash well and don’t hold to staining which I love as they always feel new and clean.


Recommended Individual Brushes

228 Luxe Crease

322 Brow Line

325 Luxe Brow Light

221 Luxe Soft Crease

230 Luxe Pencil (MAC 217 dupe)

Small brush clutch

Would I buy this again? Yes
Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Product: 5/5
Price: 5/5

(Seems pricey at first but each brush works out to be £5.40- Totally worth it)

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