Drugstore Find: Solstice Highlight Palette: Sleek Makeup

I’m a sucker for Sleek Makeup and it’s just one of those brands that I trust


Whilst in Superdrug a while back, this little golden package of goodness was gleaming in the corner of my eye, and as soon as I had swatched it, I could hear it calling my name screaming “take me home!”.


 Soo of course I couldn’t just leave it there in store…

Solstice instantly enhances the complexion with a radiant glow, the highly pigmented metallic finishes create a gorgeous luminous sheen on the skin. – Sleek Makeup



The first thing you may notice is the mirrored packaging which really gives the product a higher end touch compared to the usual Sleek matte black packaging.  I love this, however, the smallest of fingerprints become visible. The packaging is travel friendly due to the full sized mirror, sturdy plastic case and size.



It comes with 4 cool toned shades that include one cream and three powders:

  • Ecliptic – cream
  • Hemisphere – powder
  • Subsolar – powder
  • Equinox – powder



A creamy pretty rose pink with a pearly finish. Once blended out, it has a sheer finish that can be built to a medium coverage. Surprisingly, this shade is fine on my oily/combination skin . I love to use this as a base to other highlighters to really make them pop. I use my finger to apply this and blend out, then gently pat over it with the Real Techniques sponge to soften the look and reduce harsh lines.


A lavender metallic powder with a luminous sheen. Its cool frosty hue has a beautiful pigmented pay-off that is perfect for lighter skin tones. I personally don’t use this much on my cheekbones as it comes across a little too purple for my liking on my medium tan skin. I do however love this on the highest point of the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes. Hemisphere reminds me a little of Purple Horseshoe from Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Moon Child glow kit.


Ecliptic: Top Left, Hemisphere: Top Right, Subsolar: Bottom Left, Equinox: Bottom Right


A powdered yellow with gold undertones, Subsolar is the shade you probably have to build the most from all three powders to achieve the same pigment as the other powdered shades. This was the driest of the palette and applied the chalkiest, especially on textured skin. I imagine this to look flattering on paler skin tones, unlike mine, as it looks a little too yellow and stands out too much as a ‘colour’, rather than a highlighter. This however does look beautiful when mixed with a gold highlighter. I personally prefer gold/yellow highlighters with a warmer undertone on my skin colour.



My favourite colour from the four, Equinox is a metallic peach with a slight rose gold undertone. Out of the powders, this shade melts onto my skin better than the rest and pops with one small brush stroke. The perfect colour for the brow bone, inner corners and even pretty on the eye lid.



On initial use, I was disappointed due to the chalky powdery finish that would leave any dry skin and texture more visable than the highlight itself. So I refused to use it until I started seeing a ton of bloggers and YouTubers use this so thought I would give it a go. Rather than using it with the usual Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease, I switched up to a fluffier brush and it was something completely new.


Comparing this to the ABH Sun Dipped palette, the shades aren’t velvet smooth that sink into your skin and give off a ‘glow from within’, but more sits on top of the skin. Unlike the ABH though, these shades POP even with a little product and are still buildable.


I am so happy Sleek created this beauty because there are highlight palettes all over the place right now! This has really stood out to me in comparison to other highstreet brands I have tried and gives you a glow from miles away! ….. it doesn’t melt into your skin but still has a really nice finish. For a highstreet brands that is so easily accessible, this palette is worth a try for its price point. Sleek have really upped their makeup game, and if this particular palette doesn’t appeal to you, why not try one of the other three kits?


Would I buy this again? No
(Too cool-toned for personal preference but definitely a different palette)
Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 4/5
Product: 4/5
Price: 5/5

XO-  H


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