Clothes Show Live 2016: Catwalk and shopping haul


The Clothes Show Live is one of the biggest fashion events of the year, held in Birmingham’s NEC. I held fond memories of this event from a year 8 textiles trip and absolutely loved it. And whats more, it was the first time I had ever been around and introduced to so much beauty and makeup. I remember being mesmerised by the catwalk, models and the buzz. So, after many years missed, it was time to go back, so me and my cousin booked our tickets and off we set to the city of Birmingham.

So apart from the catwalk, if you’re into serious shopping, this place is a no-brainer. It’s packed with stores that cover nails and beauty to gym wear and waist trainers. And best of all…you’re in for some BIG BARGAINS!

Admittedly, I wasn’t interested in the clothes bazaar as I found it to be a little ‘market stall’ like, and they were ridiculously crowded, however, they did look like they had a few nice pieces. Keeping the market stall thing in mind, these were all market stall prices so I’m pretty sure they had some great savings.

One of the main things most girls probably go there for are the goodie bags. Well that’s what we were looking forward to anyway. Most of them priced at £10 (some brands occasionally higher – I came across two) where these bags are packed with items that are wayyy higher than that £10 mark. I don’t mean knock-off, discontinued or most unpopular items. I mean full sized, still stocked products that you’ve probably seen a thousand times but still haven’t purchased them yet kind of items.

The way our arms felt with all our bags, we felt broken and probably broke! Not to mention, possibly nearly knocking out a few ladies with the bags hanging from our arms. This place was CROWDED! So keep that in mind if you think you will have a peaceful shopping experience. Don’t get me wrong- it’s great!

Okay, so onto the haul!

After what felt like pulling cash out of my (probably screaming at me not to!) purse, I had only spent a total of £45, and my cousin around the same. Although we were both under the limit we set, or what we thought we would spend, we felt happy with our purchases and felt we didn’t really have much more to buy.

Barry M goodie bag : £10

Nail polish ×6 : £3.99 each

Loud mouth lipgloss: £3.99

Matte me: £4.99

Balm : £2.49

Art pen : £4.99

Palette : £6.99

Lipstick : £4.99

Total value : £57.47

Models Own: 4 polishes for £10 +  free goodie bag


Nail polish × 4 : £4.99 each

Total value : £19.96

W7 Cosmetics goodie bag : £5

10/10 eyeshadow palette : £6.95

Lip paint : £4.95

Mascara : £5.95

Lip twister : £4.95

Chunky lip : £4.95

Eyeliner : £3.95

Lip bling kit : £6.95

Total value : £38.65

Boozi Bodycare hand picked goodie bag : £10


Lip balm : £2.95

Cream :  £7.95

Shower gel : £5.95

Total value: £16.85

Bomb Cosmetics


Body scrub : Original price : £7.99

CSL offer: 2 for £10 – me and ‘A’ got one each (£5 each)

Bath Blasters: Original price: £2.99 each

CSL offer: 5 Bath blasters for £10

Total value: £24.95

Total spent  : £45

Total value of products: 152.88!


XO – H


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