W. T.F?! Are Soap Brows A Proven Beauty Hack?

When I first heard of this bizarre “soap brows” trend going around, I was to say the least, slightly puzzled.  Firstly…what? Secondly…why? And thirdly…what?

From fur nails, sharpie style brows, clown contouring, glitter roots, nail Polish mountains, and now soap eyebrows! Are these 2016 beauty hacks getting too far?


So where did this all come from?

Soap brows are an old technique that was used by Hollywood makeup artists to define brow hairs better and give that Cara Delevingne style brow.  So does it actually work? Well the  Queen of fleeky brows herself, Her Majesty Anastasia Soare, has given her stamp of approval through her Instagram account amongst other YouTube sensations.

Does It Actually Work?

I felt a little silly doing this, but to do this, I took a clean disposable mascara wand and a bar of soap. I wet the wand and shook off the water then swirled it around on my bar of soap. Then on clean brows, I simply shaped my brows and brushed the hairs upwards and I honestly didn’t realise my eyebrows could look this full without any product. Instantly, I realised this look would look great for the days you want no/minimal makeup.

When trying this, the trick is to use clear soap, as unlike mine when I first tried this with whatever I had at home, white soap sets in the brows and creates what looks like  dandruff…yeahh, not what you really want to go for! I then filled in my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow (you could totally skip this step), and my brows looked great after! I found that when using Dipbrow, I used a lot less than usual, but my brows just looked so naturally full which I absolutely loved!

In terms of how well it lasted…well it lasted the entire day- not any longer than a brow gel, but for me, the “all day lasting power” wasn’t what I was looking for, but in fact the surprisingly wonderful definition this gives to the brows. It did however hold the shape of the brow a lot stronger than a gel. What’s even better is the fact that the level of effort put into this is “lazy”.

Bring this forward to 2017!

If you have brows that you wish were fuller, or you are already lucky enough to have full brows but just need something to keep them neat throughout the day, I would definitely give this a go. Why spend ££ on a brow gel when you could use what you already have at home!


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