Swap All Your Beauty Buys For One! Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Clear your shelves of all your beauty products and save yourself some £££. Why have a hundred different products when you could just have one?

Coconut oil is a product that’s having its spot light moment! It’s easily accessible, a little goes a long way and has endless benefits for the inside and out.

Dry hair

Like many products that promise shine,texture and hydrated hair, they’re also full of chemicals that aren’t so great for the hair. Applying coconut oil to the hair as a mask/treatment allows the oils to work it’s magic on damaged hair as it can easily penetrate the hair strand with its rich vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. You can apply this cold or heat it up – Remember: Do not heat for too long and allow to slightly cool first!

Skin moisturiser and eczema

So many people and celebs with baby looking skin swear by coconut oil as a moisturiser. Why? It penetrates the skin better than other oils and the fatty acids keep all the moisture locked in. So many people also swear by this for eczema on adults and babies too.

Anti – wrinkle

Coconut oil is full of vitamin A and E which are both important for ageing, as they help produce collagen which helps give the skin elasticity and assists with skin renewal.

Oral health – Swooshing!

Swooshing is also known as ‘oil pulling’ where you swoosh the oil in your mouth for  5 – 10, the same as you would with mouthwash. This process ‘pulls’ the gunk and bacteria in between the teeth, which eventually builds up to become plaque. Doing this everyday will over time lead to whiter teeth, healthier gums, prevention of bad breath.

Good for acne

As a sufferer of acne, I’ll admit I give in easily and I have countlessly wasted money on products that have promised fast acting and long lasting results. This benefit of coconut oil I discovered by accident as I would use it as a makeup remover and started to notice my complexion being a lot clearer by the morning. Along with vitamin E, coconut oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory. It contains around 50% lauric acid which is a saturated fat that has been found to kill more bacteria than one of the most common acne products: benzyol peroxide. Fighting oily skin with oil is also a great way to reduce acne by applying it as a light moisturiser/ treatment as the skin produces a natural oil called sebum and applying the oil will prevent overproduction of sebum and tricks the skin into thinking it isn’t dehydrated.

Excellent makeup remover

Tired of wanting to pull your lashes out with stubborn mascara? This works wonders. Put a little on your fingers and rub your eye makeup.  It effortlessly removes every little bit. Then simply wash off and follow with cleanser or soap. I notice this gets rid of more makeup over soaps I have used.  When cleansing, there is so much less makeup on the pad after!

Amazing as a lip balm

Or even add a little sugar to use as an exfoliator.

Dump the deodorant!

Because of the antibacterial properties coconut oil holds, it kills all the bacteria under your pits that basically makes you a little smelly. I’ve heard this has worked for so many people… Plus, it keeps your pits nice and soft!

Hair growth

 As well as a mask for thirst quenching hair, it’s great to rub on the scalp which increases circulation which increases blood flow  and nutrients to stimulate hair growth.

Suffer with dandruff?

Dandruff is caused by fungus and surprise, surprise…coconut oil has antifungal properties, vitamin E and K.

Reducing visibility of varicose veins

If you suffer from varacose veins, rubbing a little directly on to the skin has been known helps reduce the visibility.

Cuticle oil

I’ve been using coconut oil as a cuticle oil and because it’s a fantastic moisturiser, my cuticles look healthier than ever before.

Healthier nails

Just the same with dandruff, you can slightly warm the oil and rub in circular motions on hand and toe nails

Under eye moisturiser

Eye creams can hold a pretty hefty price tags when it comes to finding a high quality one. Why spend ££ when coconut oil is a chemical free moisturiser . It also reduces under eye wrinkles. Here are some of the best eye creams….all containing coconut oil!

Dr Organic Virginia coconut eye perfect, £8.99

Charlotte Tilbury Magic eye rescue £40

Balance me Wonder eye cream £20

Mario Badescu Dermonectin eye cream £16.99

Antipodes Kiwi seed oil eye cream £24.50

Face moisturiser for dry skin

Take a little scoop and replace with your normal moisturiser. This penetrates deep layers of skin, better than any other oils and kills bacteria at the same time.


With your fingers, comb a little through your hair, avoiding your roots.

Foot food

Cracked,dry or sore feet? Rub some coconut oil and pop on some socks  (perfect before bed ) and you’ll have soft, pedi-perfect feet by the morning!


Rather than using shaving cream, slather yourself in coconut oil and shave away. In comparison to the dollops of shaving gel/cream you use, a little goes a long way with coconut oil. As well as a smooth shave, it will keep you softer than a baby’s bottom!

XO – H

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