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Huda Beauty 1On my trip to Dubai last year, it was on mine and my sisters to-do list to visit the Dollhouse Dubai and whilst there, we could see Mona Kattan clearly supports her beauty guru sister Huda, as she had a load of her nails stocked. And even after seeing how cute they all looked online, they looked irresistible  in person- so, chic, sparkly and feminine. I picked up Bordauex Barbie and Lady Luxe. Through this post, I will be writing specifically about Lady Luxe.


The application of these were like any other false nail. Match your nails, glue on and file. The range of sizes were good, however, if you do have rather slim nails, you may find these a little big. What’s great is the nails come with a pack of rubbery sticky nail protectors that you apply on your nail and then apply the glue on top of the rubber. I do like the idea of this however found it tedious and basically gave up after applying one to my little finger…I’m not a flasies nail expert and rarely put them on. With a little practise though, you could probably have them on all 10 fingers in no time.

Huda Beauty 2

Sticky sticky glue

The first thing I noticed when I opened up my unopened box, was that the glue had actually been open, where the sticker seal was torn. Shockingly, I was not so surprised as I have seen a small handful other bloggers / Youtubers claiming they have encountered similar problems with Huda Beauty products; having a product that has been touched before- even though their product was sealed shut before they opened it.

Huda Beauty 4

Although I rarely apply false nails, I did notice the glue was different to other glues I have come across. Usually, once you apply the glue to the nail, you have a few seconds to fiddle around and get your nail in place before it begins to dry. The Huda Beauty glue on the other hand, is very much like her lash glue…extremely wet and tacky.

Regardless, I was not fond of the glue. I found that I had to hold the nail in place for a lot longer than I would with any other nail glue – about 30/40 seconds before it was safe for me to slowly let go. In all honesty, if you are going to use these, I recommend using another glue simply because of the time it takes to begin to dry.

Huda Beauty 5

After all that tackiness, waiting and holding your nails in place, you would think the quality of the glue is amazing.


I applied a generous amount of glue to each nail and the first one to come off, was my pinky finger with the rubber seal. These claim to last ‘several days’, however, three days later, I was 5 nails down. So yeah, I do recommend using an alternative glue just because I feel the Huda Beauty one is not designed to withstand simple everyday activities.

Huda Beauty 3

Foundation EVERYWHERE!

OK. So where do I even begin with this?

The night I put them on, I shortly after decided to remove my makeup with a wipe- being very careful not allow my freshly applied nails to touch my face. Unfortunately, my nails ever so slightly brushed the makeup wipe (which barely had foundation on it!). After fishing my skincare, I noticed my gorgeous looking white nail had an orange tint. Nothing worrying as I knew they are white, so I washed my hands and tried to remove the stain with soap but it did not budge.

So yeah, now i was worried!

I tried removing it with a wipe and even my makeup cleanser but the stain did not move. I avoided using polish remover because 1, I didn’t have any whilst in the hotel, and 2, I thought it would just remove the colour of the nail itself.

So I went to bed, and OH MY GOD.

My nails looked like they had a freaking SPRAY TAN!

I don’t know what even happened because my foundation isn’t even this colour…it’s almost like the foundation had sunk into the nail and developed colour over night.

After painting over these, the colour still kept coming through so just decided to take them off.


Okay so although I had many frustrations with these nails, I won’t take away that they looked stunning when wearing them to the Clothes Show Live.  The gemed nail on my ring finger sparkled beautifully and I got loads of compliments on these nails.I did have to shorten them a little and file the sides as they were a little wide for my nails- keep in mind I don’t particularly have slim nails, but I still had to source the packet for the smaller ones. That’s not a problem though! Would I buy them again? Honestly I’m not sure. Maybe just not lighter colours that are able to stain.

Such a shame that they went orange because that has completely put me off. I am looking forward to wearing Bordauex Barbie and doubt I will have the same problem as they aren’t white.  

A few diamonds fell off, nails came off and turned orange so I wouldn’t say these are worth their price. They are a nice purchase if you wanted a one off kind of thing, but I wouldn’t buy these as a regular purchase.

Would I buy these again? No
Quality: 1/5
Price: 2/5
Product: 3.5 / 5

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