Anastasia Beverly Hills × Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit: Review & Swatches

The Glow kit / eyebrow queen is back with another epic vegan and cruelty free collaboration with the beautiful YouTube beauty guru Nicole Guerriero.

I ordered these on Tuesday 14th March on Anastasia Beverly Hills UK, and they arrived on Thursday 16th which I was really pleased with since delivery was said to be between 7-10 business days.


Keeping it simple -the packaging is gorgeous! It’s baby pink with sliver glitter flecks and has a magnetic closure. Like the ABH Sun Dipped palette (reviewed),  the packaging is made from cardboard,  yet sturdy.   Unlike Sun Dipped, the pans aren’t removable.

Shade Range

When I first swatched this, the formula felt extremely similar to the Glow Kit ‘Gleam’. Although Sun Dipped is smooth and buttery, this is like that but better! Plus, I haven’t noticed as much fallout. Unlike Sun Dipped, these really pop with just a little product and can be built up to glow like there’s no tomorrow! If you aren’t looking for a super blinding, sort of metallic highlight with a hint of glitter,  then you might want to steer away from this kit.

The palette contains mostly warm toned colours that are universal. Looks beautiful on medium – deeper skin tones but if you’re pale in complexion, you might be limited.

Kitty Kat –  Pink with a champagne undertone and silver reflects, this buttery shade is perfect for that extra lifted and youthful look on the apples of your cheeks.

Forever Young  – A mauve / taupe colour in the palette, but when on skin, it is a pretty pink pearl with a golden undertone. This gives a beautiful healthy glow.


Daydream – One of my favourites. Daydream is coral with silver white flecks. This would look stunning on deeper skin tones.

Forever Lit –  For my medium tanned skin, this is definitely the most intimidating in the palette. Platinum white with a blue hue. This shade is extremely frosty and could probably be pulled off alone, on pale skin. I do like using this on the highest point under my brows, and like to add a tiny bit to the very highest point of my cheek bones. Even on my cheeks, I usually include another colour as this alone, look so wrong on my skin. Having said that, I won’t deny this is a stunning colour and said said to be similar to those of the Moonchild Glow Kit.

Glo Getter – This is that classic everyday highlight we all need in our life, but better. Its super buttery with the least fallout. Glo Getter is a pan of  golden goodness.

143 –   This shade (my favourite) has less glitter than it seems to have which I really like. It’s reflective but not at all chunky-  although, it does a lot of fallout. It’s that kind of reflective, metallic, gorgeous shade that makes you want to smother your face in it! 143 is a rose gold with silver flecks, with a bronze undertone.

Natural outdoor lighting with flash
Natural outdoor lighting without flash 

The only thing that’s a let down is that Glo Getter and 143 are pretty similar in colour.

When I initially started using this, I was impressed with how little fallout there was (minus 143). However since using this a little more and getting past that top smooth layer you see when you open a fresh palette, I have noticed a lot more fallout once the brush touches the product.


Each pan contains 4.5g of highlighter; 2.9g less than each pan in the 4 shade glow kits. Although less product, you are getting two more highlighters which work out to be £6.50 each (compared to ABH single illuminators around £22). Do keep in mind though if this is actually worth your money and ask if you will use all these colours.

So, do you need it? Well if you want a really good set of highlighters that require zero – little effort, requires people to wear SPF around you and a pair of sunglasses, stays on all day with an excellent value,  then yes. You need it. This is such a versatile palette, where each colour looks cute on all those parts you want to add a little va va voom! Apart from Glo Getter and 143 looking a tad similar in colour and the fallout I have been noticing, it really is a great purchase and there’s no denying how stunning these are.

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