Morphe 350 Eyeshadow Palette Review

Okay, so I’m sure the Morphe 350 needs no introduction…No doubt most of you have seen this palette or any of the other Morphe 35 palettes floating around social media (more like flooding) and countless youtubers using this at some point during their makeup routine.

This has been on my shopping list for soo long now and after months of anticipating the emails I would receive telling me the palette is back in stock, by the time I would go online, it would always be sold out shortly after!

Finally, I got my hands on this gem.


The 350 contains 35 fiery warm oranges and cooler toned brown/grey shades along with shimmer and iridescent shadows that will allow you to create endless looks. The palette retails for £23, working out around 65p for a single pan! Bargain or what?!


Okay so first off, I have been so impressed with how pigmented some of these shades actually are.  The majority of the shadows are high in quality and amazing for their price point. They aren’t up there like your Urban Decay or Too Faced palettes, but the quality great.

Colour payoff is strong, yet buildable. The iridescent and foiled shades are INTENSE with a wet brush and beautiful alone. The last fire foiled burnt orange is definitely my favourite.

On the negative side, a few of the lighter brown matte shades are a little patchy. This isn’t a big problem though as it’s only 3 or 4 shadows.

Fall Out

The colour I have noticed most fallout with, is the dirty mustard brown shade (6th on the top row).  The palette on a whole, has minimal fallout.

Colour Range

The colours in this could not be more perfect! You have enough for the most simple of everyday looks as well as all the colours you need to create some really gorgeous glam looks. What I especially appreciate about the 350, is that there is a nice balance of mattes to shimmers. I tend to find other palettes usually have way too many shimmers with one or two mattes or  transition colours where I feel options are really limited.

For someone who wanted a solid neutral palette, this is perfect and has in a short space of time, become one of my most reached for products. 

If on the other hand you’re looking to invest into this for professional use, I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list if I was a makeup artist using high quality products. As said earlier, the quality is great and you could probably use the foiled and iridescent (maybe a few shimmer) shades on clients. These look BEAUTIFUL when applied, but the other shades in the palette don’t hold the lasting power a paying client is probably looking for.

Morphe have stated on their site that these pans do differ from their individual shadows, although some may be close matches.


Is it worth it? Yes!

Do I love it? Yes, yes, yes!

Would I buy another one of the Morphe 35 shadow palettes?! I know I shouldn’t but my inner makeup demon is telling me I should! (Yes please 35F!)

If you’re a total beginner and have no idea where to start and need a solid all-rounder palette, or someone who just wants a good set of neutrals to add to their collection, someone on a budget, or someone who just likes to dribble over really pretty colours *ahem guilty*,  then go get yourself one girl!

Seriously, for £23, this has really lived up to all the hype it gets and I can see why people who have it are so impressed.

I hoped this review helped in some way, and I apologise to those of you who have given yourself a makeup ban …But you do deserve a treat for being so well behaved don’t you? *inner makeup demon*!  If you have been thinking about buying this, just get it because it will probably be out of stock before you know it!

Available from:

Cult Beauty

Beauty Bay  for individual pans 

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