Kiko Milano: Second Skin Foundation

The Liquid Skin foundation comes in a range of 15 shades which retail at £18.90 and is described to soften and moisturise skin, whilst maintaining elasticity. Kiko claim it is suitable for all skin types and is : Non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores), hypoallergenic, fragrance and paraben free whilst having an SPF of 15, with the standard 30ml. I  picked this up from a Kiko store a while ago for around half price and have really been loving it.

 The range of 15 shades consist of a mix of pink and yellow undertones.




As the consistency is very runny, it comes with a dropper rather than a pump, which I really like as I find it handy just dropping the product onto my face. In terms of the bottle being travel friendly / on the go…it’s not. The bottle is on the heavier side as well as being wider than most other bottles I own. Unlike most foundations that I am able to squeeze into my Muji acrylic drawers, this has to be stored elsewhere.



I have been loving the runny consistency where a little goes a long way. It glides onto the skin with its silky-like texture without being streaky (regardless of how I’ve applied it), and has a natural beautiful medium coverage with a satin finish.

This covers up dark circles, blemishes and acne scarring pretty well and doesn’t cling onto any dry skin. Although designed for all skin types, I would recommend this for normal skin. It sits well on my oily combination skin, but I do have to set it well.


After a few hours, It begins feeling heavier where my skin is becoming oily; predominately on the lower area of my face and after around 6 hours, this does begin to slide off those areas if I haven’t gone in heavy with setting powders. I find I am blotting away oils on the skin when wearing this, more often than others and tend to ‘touch-up’ during the day too.

The foundation sits perfectly on the skin  – it looks natural and has that  “my skin but 10 times better” kind of finish  and I haven’t noticed it transferring. Although it is better suited for normal skin, I can overlook all of the above as the finish is beautiful and perfect for everyday wear.

Take a look at the application in my Valentines day tutorial here

Worth It?

With a price tag of £18.90, I feel Kiko have definitely tried to keep this under the “higher end” range (usually £25+) but have given this a more luxurious feel in comparison to their other foundations. This quickly became one of my staple products and I will definitely repurchase this.

If you’re looking for a high quality foundation with that luxury feel that you might even want to keep out on your vanity, then this is perfect for those of you who want something in between a drugstore and high end price. What’s even better is you’re very likely to grab this at a discounted price as Kiko are always doing promotions so you may be in for a bargain!


Product: 4/5
Quality:  4/5
Price: 4/5
Would I buy again? Yes

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