Huda beauty Rose Gold Palette

As if the largest beauty influencer Huda Beauty hadn’t already taken the world by storm, she released her first ‘Textured Shadows Palette’ and the beauty world went bonkers over this!

You’ve probably seen endless tutorials on Instagram showing this product somewhere along the line. And after seeing a load of mixed reactions toward it, I was curious. My friend got me this for my birthday and after seeing it, my heart fell out my chest! I was super excited to get swatching. Let’s just get to the price first, £56! Now I’ve never spent that much money on a single beauty product and yes, I felt so guilty when she gave me this. As excited as I was, All I kept thinking was what if all the negative reviews were true?

Colour Range

This is a very pretty pink palette, hence “rose gold” and I feel sometimes the pink toned palettes sometimes give limited looks you can create. This on the other hand is beautifully crafted where the colours have been cleverly picked out. What I love most, is this can easily take you from “working woman” to “lets get this party started”!


Fingers vs Tools

I’m not a fan at all of using my fingers for eyeshadow- or makeup in general. But this completely changes the pigmentation of the product (specifically the textured shadows). When I first used this, without thinking, I used a brush (on the textured shadows) and felt beyond disappointed- there was no product being picked up. I then used my fingers and wow was there a huge difference  or what?! These textured shadows felt creamy, although they are not a cream and  set like powder and the pigmentation is insane. The textured shadows are those types of colours that really let out your makeup junkie monster and make it look like you’ve made an effort. Out of all of these, Angelic is by far my favourite.

Rose Gold and 24K feel chunky to the touch where I find when applying them on the lid, I do need to give them a good pat down as that ‘chunkiness’ shows a little too much for my liking.



For £56, you would honestly think that you would get more than cardboard packaging. Don’t get me wrong; the packaging is great. You can see all the shadows (great if you’re a MUA) and perfect for on-the-go as it weighs nothing. It doesn’t feel cheap as per say…it’s just doesn’t feel like a £56 palette. There’s no mirror included or brush either; the Huda Beauty brand may be at another price range, but when comparing to your Urban Decay or Too Faced palettes for much cheaper, it is something to consider.


Now for a little beauty math…each shadow works out to be around  £3.11 which isn’t too bad when you think about it. Huda says these are 100% pigment and zero talc. So in terms of quality, it is worth it, but as a whole, it definitely is something most of her followers would probably need to save up for. All her fans would know, she does like her luxurious and high quality products-  and regardless of the steep price, I feel Huda and her team have kept this as low costly as possible, whilst maintaining the quality.

Do I Need This?

Honestly, this is a tricky one. Did I want this? Yes. However, it was the hefty price tag that was really pushing me away and if you don’t have a store near you to get a feel for this, I can understand any hesitation.

It has a good range of transition colours (Bae being my favourite), beautiful textured shadows and when they are wet, these colours are something else! Packaging is good for on – the – go due to the transparent casing, but, for £56, I personally want something more than cardboard.

Taking all of that into account, I can’t deny that this baby has been the only eye palette packed in my suitcase on every trip away since I was gifted it. I never felt I needed something more, and it definitely covered me for simple everyday looks to ‘gurrll I am ready to SLAY!’

So do you need this? For your MUA kit? Yes?

If you want to invest in a good quality palette to your makeup collection or a newbie who’s starting to get a little more experimental, then yes.

Okay now be honest…If you’re just being a makeup junkie who wants this because it’s Huda Beauty, then no. Yes the textured shadows are unique, but I am pretty sure if you look around, you will find a ton of dupes for shades. If I wasn’t given this as a present, then I know I definitely wouldn’t have brought this for myself!

Eyeshadows : 4.5/5
Quality of palette :  3/5
Price: 2/5

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